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Plan Pricing



All plans are sold with a Single Site License-You are authorized to use the plan as modified by Arbor to make copies and for the construction of one (1) structure on a specified site.  Single site pricing requires the site address which will appear on all plan pages.  Plans will be supplied in pdf format which may be duplicated as required.  For additional license options click here.

Your plan package will include the following:

  • Crawlspace Dimensioned Foundation Plan
  • All Dimensioned Floorplans
  • Front and Rear Perspectives
  • All Technical Elevations
  • Roof Birdseye
  • Sections As Required Per Plan

Completed plans will be posted on the Arbor Home Design website accessible to suppliers, sub-contractors, and builders who will provide you with quotes on all aspects of construction.


0-1000 $500
1001-1500 $600
1501-2000 $700
2001-2500 $800
2501-3000 $900
3001-3500 $1000
3501-4000 $1100
4001+ $1200


ADDITIONAL CHARGES (Not Included In Allowance For Changes)

  • Monolithic Slab Foundation     $100.00
  • Basement Foundation Unfinished (Add Only-Does not apply to pre-drawn basement)     $250.00 
  • Mirror Plan (Floorplans Only-Does Not Include Elevations)     $100.00
  • Conversion to 2x6 Walls     $100.00
  • Electrical Fixture/Switching Plan     $100.00
  • Standard Color Rendering     $100.00
  • Excel Spreadsheet Conversion of Bill of Material     $100.00
  • Framing Detail Package (Roof, Ceiling, Floor System, Interior Finish)     $250.00

Modification Charges For Portfolio Plans

Your plan purchase includes the addition of a single level deck to your specification on the main floor level including foundation modifications, railings, and stair using standard treated wood specifications.  Your purchase also includes one (1) hour of interior modifications intended to accommodate individual tastes or needs.  Any changes made in this hour will not include changes to footprint or technical elevations.  All other changes exceeding this hour and changes to footprint and/or elevations will be charged at $50.00/hour.

Plan Related Services

We offer a package of downstream services focusing on budget development and project scheduling that vary in scope based on client need.  These are best decided upon during plan development and apply to standard and custom plans.  Fees are negotiated.

Detailed Kitchen And Bath Design

All kitchen and bath layouts are proposed general layouts and are intended to provide information for further use by cabinet, surface, and finish suppliers.  These details are normally part of the service provided by these suppliers and as such supercede our layouts.  In the case where these services are not available we can provide these detailed designs at the same rate of $50.00/hr.

Site Design

We can place your design on your site and provide design and placement of exterior concrete, landscaping, plantings, and other exterior features on your land.  This service is charged at the same rate as plan modifications at $50.00/hr.  Any information required is readily available from surveyors site plan and other suppliers.  We have an extensive library of information available that will be utilized to add appropriate appearances to any output.  This service produces color renderings from any perspective if required.

Design Charges For Custom Designs

Custom design fees vary based upon size, level of complexity, interior and exterior finish, roof configuration, and foundation type.  The primary basis is square footage under roof including unheated spaces and decks whether covered or not.  Design fees will begin at $.50/sq ft and would normally not exceed $1.00/sq ft.  An initial deposit of $500.00 is required for all custom designs and represents a minimum charge regardless of size.  Total cost estimates will be provided at first draft submission after structure size and specifications are determined.  Progress payments of 50% of the estimated balance are required after first draft and the balance upon completion of plans.



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