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Our mission is to provide the very best in construction materials resources to our clients for the purpose of specifying and designing their new home.

The process of selecting materials, components, and equipment required for the construction of your project can't start soon enough.  The hundreds of decisions required to complete this task will occupy much of your time, materially affect your schedule, and try your patience.

When you purchase a standard plan or custom design it is accompanied by a detailed, costed bill of material that can be either distributed to your prospective suppliers or we can "shop" the list for you.  Either way, you have accurate and reliable information on the materials and componentry of your new home. 

The menu to the right will direct you to product selections, colors, textures, styles, and specifications within the product category via links to the manufacturers of the products.  You will find a wealth of information regarding their products and services, technical information, and special values extended to our clients periodically.  The drop-down menu will provide local and regional sources for construction materials and components required for most residential construction.  They may also be multi-discipline and offer a broad range of product and service categories, including installed services, or the provision of labor and materials required to install their products. You will also find useful information and design ideas on the Options page.


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