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Our standard plans are designed with a conventional crawlspace foundation, and can easily be modified for a monolithic slab foundation.  Most plans can be modified for a basement foundation, the primary issue being the location of the stairway down.  Our designers can accommodate basement additions to any plan, but doing so may result in changes to the footprint.

Level lots will require a full basement, or basically a hole in the ground lined with concrete or masonry.  Sloped lots more easily accommodate a walkout basement, with side or rear exposure and windows and doors.  You can find examples of basement designs on Basements or Basements w/Elevator collections. In either case it is important to get the moisture protection, drainage, and waterproofing right during construction. Succinctly, good design does not ensure good results.  Proper execution in the field can not be overstated in this regard.

Our Coastal Designs are designed on columns to elevate the living space above the mean high water mark.  The required height varies by location, but the actual need will normally be dictated by the need for parking space below the structure as much as the flood risk.  The same design can be used at reduced height with lattice filler to provide a resort look to the coastal or for that matter most other designs.

Custom designs with basements are a familiar and welcome request for us, and many of our custom builders have extensive experience in basement construction.  We also have foundation specialists experienced in basement construction that bring expertise to your self-managed project. You must be logged in to this site to view these construction professionals.

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